Week 1, done.

This was my first week home with both kids. Tyler has been home helping me these last two weeks, thanks to a wonderful and understanding church family,  and it has been amazing to have him here while we figure out how our daily lives look with two babies. Unfortunately, it had to end and he had to go back to work :) I was nervous about having both of the kids all day. I didn’t know how I would get anything done; I learned that you don’t. but that’s ok! I also learned that sometimes, no matter how well you can multi-task, one of them is just going to have to sit and cry while you tend to the other; then they can switch off, and for the grand finale they cry in surround sound! :) 

I have been so overwhelmed with emotions this week. Sometimes I look down at this sweet baby and my eyes just fill with tears at the wonder of it all. Who am I and what have I done to deserve a God who can take time out of being the Alpha and Omega, the Great I AM, to come alongside this silly, sinful girl; who never seems to talk to Him enough, and who doesn’t always  make her daily devotions happen, to reach into her life and give her the desires of her heart? Who am I that he would even hear my prayers? With all the junk going on in the world, all the hurting, the hunger, the natural disasters, the slavery, God takes the time to listen to our little requests and grant us the desires of our heart. Just because He loves us. 

My heart swells with thanksgiving and tears of gratitude are always springing to my eyes. What an amazing God we serve. We can do nothing, we deserve nothing, we should receive nothing; but He gave everything; everything He had down to his last breath. Doesn’t that just blow your mind a bit? 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are heading out of town today, to buy some more cloth diapers. Wish they would get them in a store here! I may have to stop by a craft store as well. Poor Tyler. We are sure to be there forever. Hope this weekend finds you with loved ones making beautiful memories as we head into summer! 


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