Dryer Balls and Hair bows!

*disclaimer* This post is originally from 5/18/12  I am just getting around to publishing it a little late! :)

This week has been all about crafting! Tuesday I got together with my wonderful friend Cassi, and we made some hair bows for our little girls! Then today we tackled the project of dryer balls! We got all our materials and I started the project to see how difficult it was going to be and if we would need more materials. What are dryer balls, you ask? They are balls of felted wool yarn that go (wait for it…) in your dryer! They are supposed to suck up a lot of moisture, get rid of static, and soften your clothes so that you do not need to spend money on fabric softener anymore! Supposedly, people have had their laundry drying time cut up to 50% and their bills have been reduced as well. With all those benefits and a relatively uncomplicated fabrication process, why not try it?! I will keep you all posted on how things are going with it as this project continues, but I am pretty excited to see if they live up to their reputation!



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