She’s a Vance

Friday was a monumental day in the life of our growing family! Little miss Mazie’s adoption was finalized, and she is now officially a Vance! We got her all dressed up in her brown and white dress, with a matching head band that mommy made just for this occasion! 

IMG 0001

Ok, well, someone wouldn’t sit up, but hopefully you can get an idea of how stinkin’ adorable she was! :) 

We went before Judge Trish Rose, who signed all our official paperwork and was even kind enough to pose for a few pictures! 

IMG 0008

We were so blessed to have most of my family there to share in out special day. The girls were so well behaved I hardly knew they were there! 

IMG 0011

Here is one of us outside the courthouse. Holding little Ms. Vance! 

IMG 0017

That night we went out to celebrate!

IMG 0019

This day was the culmination of so many years of waiting, so many prayers, so many tears, so many dead end roads. We know countless friends and family had been lifting us up in prayer for so long; we know God has heard your prayers, and we are so thankful for all of your intercessions on our behalf. We truly could not have made it through some of the valleys without the knowledge that you were all there for us, praying, waiting, and supporting us the whole way. We are beyond blessed and words fail to describe what we feel knowing that this sweet little girl is OURS. SHE IS OURS! And nobody can ever take her away! :) Now if only we can get things worked out on the other side, we will be a family of four for good. We continue to covet your prayers on that front. We are just so thankful to all of you. As much as this day was for us, it was for all of you too; everyone who has prayed, called, stopped by, and supported us. We are so thankful to have each and every one of you in our lives! 


5 thoughts on “She’s a Vance

  1. I remember that court room very well. When our adoption was finalize somebody brought balloons and as we were entering the room one hit the ceiling and popped. Sounded like a gun shot. So happy for you guys! Congrats! That finalization is a really good feeling.

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