I know this blog is usually about fun, and family, and craziness, but I feel like talking about something else today. I want to talk about addictions. Several of my friends have been talking recently about struggling with addiction; most of these friends are believers in Christ. It has caught me off guard that so many people I care about are succumbing to things the world promises will make them feel better, yet they have walked with the Lord. They know Him. 

I understand that life gets crazy; it did for Jesus and it has for anyone who has chosen to follow Him since. I hear them say things like “things are just so stressful right now” or “I just can’t handle the pressures I am under”. I get it, I really do. What I don’t get? Thinking for a second that anything other than the arms of Christ are going to grant  you the serenity you are chasing. You can’t have peace without the Prince of Peace. The world holds up a broken, dirty, disgusting solution and tries to convince you your vice will get you through this. Jesus longs to wipe you clean and carry you through it. Why can’t He be enough? When you choose worldly coping mechanisms over Jesus, aren’t you, in essence, saying “I wish you were enough Jesus. Maybe if you made me forget like this alcohol does.”  “I wish you were enough Jesus, but you don’t calm me down like this nicotine.” “I know you gave me the very breath in my lungs, but you can’t fix this problem like my favorite drug can.”

There will always be stress; there will always be busy-ness and craziness, drama and upheaval, pressures and demands. If you are waiting for those things to cease so that you can quit, they aren’t going to. You need to find a new coping mechanism. Jesus said “Come to me all ye who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you REST.” So stop trying to find rest from the chaos in things that were designed to give you MORE chaos! Not to mention steal the very breath from your lungs and the life from your bones. Jesus said “I have come so that you may have LIFE“; the devil wants to rob you of that life and you let him with every sip, drag, gulp, and snort. Let Him be enough, He is ALL you need. 



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